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Why do I get so ambitious sometimes?  I got this great idea a few days ago to have my students write a group essay using Google Docs.  Trying to get my students to learn how to write an essay is going to be a monumental task, so I thought practicing as a group first would be a good idea.  They’re having a lot of fun with the topic (they’re writing descriptive essays about weird houses I found on the Internet).  But Google Docs may not work so well.  I took my students to the lab yesterday and they all set up Google accounts and they uploaded their work into Google Docs.  For some groups, everything went really well, and for the others…disaster.

Has anyone used Google docs in the classroom?  Ever tried a group essay?  Any suggestions?  I’m always amazed at the simple technology my students can’t understand when they spend most of their free time online.– Ashley


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Twitter is great because it leads me to sites like this one.  It’s a compilation of stories, pictures, videos, teaching ideas all about digital writing.  Teachers are finding some amazing ways to bring technology into their writing classes, and the result is more dynamic communication.  I think there’s so much inspiration here for our program.– Ashley

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Okay, I finally made a Camtasia recording, and I don’t think it’s completely awful, so check it out!  Also, I’m testing this out to see how my link to Screencast.com works (that’s Camtasia’s youtube-like site for hosting your videos).  Happy Friday!– Ashley

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