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Long time, no post, but here’s a quick recap of our March meeting.

We discussed teaching pragmatics, particularly in speaking classes.  Of course, teaching pragmatics is tricky because everyone has a different idea of what is polite and appropriate.  However, it’s still useful to make our students aware of these issues.

To be honest, our conversation got a little side tracked, though, because Ellen’s house was so lovely and the food was so good, and then Ellen brought out “Hop Along Peter,” and I don’t think we thought about much else for the rest of the night.  If you don’t know what “Hop Along Peter” is, ask Ellen. I’m trying to keep our blog G-rated 🙂


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Plagiarism food!

Once again, we forgot our cameras/super megapixel cellphones, but luckily Jenell had her cellphone with her and captured the food we had at our last meeting…. at Carol’s beeyooooooootiful house!

The pictures are a bit small, but you get the idea 🙂

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Here are the blurry pictures from our last meeting.  We weren’t lucky enough like last time to have our professional photographer around, so these are just cell phone pics.  Blurry but still deliiiish!

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